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Bottled Water Delivery

Culligan bottled water delivery

Bottled water delivery from Culligan of Central Coast is perfect for the office, and is great for your home too! With bottled water from Culligan you can choose the type of water you want whether it’s reverse osmosis filtered water, demineralized water or distilled water. At Culligan of Central Coast we have a bottled water plan for every budget and every need.

Bottled water delivery has never been easier or more hassle free than with Culligan of Central Coast. Your Central Coast Culligan Man will deliver your water right to your door and then remove your empty bottles. All of this is done at a time that is conducive to your schedule.

  • Great tasting water in your home for your whole family
  • Have both cold, refreshing drinking water and steaming hot water at the touch of a switch
  • Get the water you prefer by choosing from our filtered, demineralized or distilled water
  • No installation necessary, simply plug the cooler into the wall and you’re ready to enjoy
  • Innovative no-spill bottle technology for an easy change of empty bottles
  • Option to rent or buy a Culligan water cooler or even deliver water to your already existing cooler

Give Culligan of Central Coast a call today to discuss our bottled water plans and see which one is right for you OR order bottled water online!

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